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is the Year of the Pig according to Chinese zodiac. This is a Year of Earth Pig, starting from the Chinese New Year on Feb. 5 and.

I found that the possessions of Bharani people can fluctuate depending on whether they have a good partner or without one Bharani is romantic but passionate — it is in the cardinal fire sign of Mars. That is to say, Mars as self-will and Venus as relationships the theme of Libra, an air sign, is adjusting to another person are mixed here and they are in a constant struggle.

Venus wants you to adapt to your partner and make compromises while Mars as sign ruler would want you to go ahead and do what thou wilt and conform to no one. Purva Phalguni, in contrast to Bharani, has the Venusian signs in the third house Libra and the tenth house Taurus from itself. Thus it signifies a more professional aspect of Venus, such as being a professional artist, entertainer, or leadership with style.

A tenth house relationship could mean that there is actually a lot the native works and chisels things in himself or herself, which can actually be valued in the present, even sold as a service or a talent. Purva Shadha naturally relates to the Sagittarian fire of religion, ideals and idealism.

Since Venus the nakshatra lord and Jupiter the sign lord are enemies in Vedic astrology, this idealistic nakshatra again conveys a self-contradiction: Venus rules the present while Jupiter is the future. Bhavat bhavam would fortify this contradiction because the next Venusian sign is Taurus, the sixth house. While also another house of work, many Venus significations could be inimical due to the sixth house connection, and the native could have problems with organs related to Venus e.

Libra is the 11th house from there, thus there is an orientation towards communities and friends — relating to ideas.

27 Hindu Stars (Nakshatras) & Western Names

My experience is that Purva Shadha planets can signify that the native is truly religious, idealistic and is actually in touch with the future a Jupiterian sign connected to the 11th house , but they trust people without seeing their faults and are frequently bound to bitter disappointments. Bhavat Bhavam Themes in the Nakshatras of the Sun. Here we must take the fire sign parts separately from the parts of the nakshatras falling in the earth signs the first quarters of Sun nakshatras are found at the ends of fire signs, while the remaining three quarters — 10 degrees — fall to the beginning of the earth signs.

Sometimes the placement in Aries Krittika is more positive as far as finding power, leadership and the attitudes of authority figures. Saturn would be a tragically bad position here, in the last degrees of its debilitation sign. Having children is a positive influence naturally, it is not easy if you place Saturn here though , because of the fifth house connection; a male offspring is particularly good in a karmic way.

I have seen very critical and fiery people with Aries Krittika placements act very nicely with their sons while their daughters can be creative and slightly masculine. I would say partner relationships are not easy for Taurus significations since the seventh house is Scorpio — meaning change or destroy — divorce is frequent, especially after a Saturn round of 29 years.

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The Leo part of Uttara Phalguni is one of the two small areas amounting to a quarter nakshatra in the entire zodiac where the nakshatra ruler the Sun is the same as the sign ruler. In these cases, one of the bhavat bhavam numbers would be 1. Since the seventh house from Leo belongs to Saturn, and because we can say the Sun truly has a shadow, the person may have a karmic debt towards a community.

Aside from emphasizing Virgo roles such as science, healing, being methodical, learning and service, we could note that there is an important and close previous life could be the very last one indeed where the native experienced leadership and now does not want to be the first person any more, although he or she can be a really experienced worker, indispensable at times. At the same time, their father could also be an authority figure in the past.

I have seen many movie actors and actresses with Virgo Uttara Phalguni planets — which goes on to show that doing movies is a hard job and it requires special tenacity plus detailed, precise work in the material world, and submission service of the leading director, scriptwriter and producer.

Many film actors in turn end up directing movies on their own, which shows they already had leadership qualities in them. The Sagittarius part of the solar nakshatra Uttara Shadha will have Leo as the ninth house from there, which could say this is the absolutely Sagittarian importance of a father who has very strong beliefs or ideals and could be an important person or an inspiring leader. This area holds part of Abhijit, considered as the 28th nakshatra, playing a prominent part in the charts of many saints, religious leaders and healers.

The native could feel that he or she has to manifest those leadership qualities in an earthlier, practical and day-to-day manner. Bhavat Bhavam Themes in the Nakshatras of the Moon. The Moon has one sign, Cancer, but there are three lunar nakshatras. So already in the case of Rohini, the first lunar nakshatra, we would look for its distance from Cancer only. Cancer is the third house from there.

Comparison Western and Vedic astrology

I have seen Rohini persons always exude such a natural charm which is actually nourishing people around them by its very essence, but I have also seen that the mother of Rohini Moons could have gone through real stressful times and obstacles, missing precisely the peace and nature that is inherent in the charts of their native daughters or sons. Perhaps this is the time when we can see that a third house relationship could mean obstacles also.

No wonder Saturn throws a third aspect as one of its Parashari aspects. Hastha, the next lunar nakshatra in Virgo means hand. Bhavat bhavam analysis reveals a special role here.

Because of this, the native has frequently themes of service, learning or karma yoga Virgo themes in groups which are somehow connected to his or her mother, communities with roots in the past since the Moon means the past. Pluto is not used by most Hindu astrologers, but neo-Vedic Joni Patry also uses outer planets, and here it could mean a depression out of which the only way is healing and deep transformation work. Additionally, the native has a Capricorn Moon in Shravana, so her horoscope is doubly lunar, and naturally, Pluto aspects her Moon. Jewish roots are also there to be explored, though the person considers herself a Buddhist.

Cancer is the Ascendant of her Navamsha chart, which could mean that somehow she fills the vacancy left by her sister through her work and becomes family-oriented in the second part of her life. Shravana has a seventh house bhavat bhavam connection: it is in the middle of the tough sign of Capricorn, but there are karmic ties to Cancer being the 7th house. Bhavat Bhavam Themes in the Nakshatras of Mars. All Mars nakshatras are cut in the middle between two signs.

Vedic Astrology Vs Western Astrology: How They Compare And Compete?

Mrigarshira is between Taurus and Gemini. The first part of Mrigashira is like a Taurus Mars, holding on to traditional values for dear life and very particular about eating; in some other connections, it may signify martial art practice also. From Taurus Mrigashira, Scorpio falls into the seventh house. You could say that partnership transforms the native and that he or she transforms the partner. There is also a strong holding energy like with a Taurus Mars. The partner may also be somewhat manipulative or suggestive, and since the opposing nakshatra is Jyestha, he or she may have extraordinary intelligence but also aware of the strange negative potentials of codes and communication.

Although this may not be the seventh house of the rashi, or from the Moon, I think all seventh placements color the relationship of someone. Aries is in the 12th house from Taurus, so a Mars theme may be there from a former life, or a theme that leads to seclusion or faraway places, and a Taurus Mars would have a weak self-confidence because Aries, the sign of independence and spontaneity fall to the 12th house from there. To some extent, that theme colors the attributes of other planets in Taurus Mrigashira.

Gemini Mrigashira could be compared to Mars in Gemini — except it is an area in the sky, not an active planet. The numbers here are the 8th house and the 11th house, the bridge is Mars. I have seen people with Moon in Gemini Mrigashira fighting fiercely Aries is the 11th house for their political group, then gradually perceiving that the group in question is changing, transforming into something else. They can also transform the group, but one could say they have a strange suggesting power with their words anyway, since Scorpio is the eighth house from the starting point. Naturally, they have a good gift for speaking and writing, and they worry about having dual choices in their life such as conflicts between living in two countries or doing two professions.

Gemini Mars aspects both Virgo and Capricorn, two signs related to work and profession. The fourth aspect can also mean that they are very family-centered and that they value their roots. But due to Gemini, they sometimes achieve the opposite effect from what they consciously aim at, and because of the combination of Mars and Mercury the sign lord they can have nervous troubles.

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  • Virgo Chitra has the bhavat bhavam placements of Scorpio as the 3rd sign and Aries as the 8th sign. I would say, for example, that the communication of such a person — a real workaholic in the first level of analysis — would be in constant transformation and transformative itself. Obstacles and transformation are found in the field of work, but that makes them even stronger. Losing a job would be a transformative experience for such a person, a deep crisis.

    Libra Chitra is just as contradictory as Bharani is: it has Aries as its seventh house and Scorpio as its second house. I would say that these people are in a constant struggle with their partners, want to dominate them or to be dominated, and with strong planets such as Mars itself they may blame their partners constantly, but will not let go relationships easily.

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    Rohini "the red one", a name of Aldebaran. Ardra "the storm god". Punarvasu dual "the two restorers of goods", also known as yamakau "the two chariots". However, Vedic astrology softwares use sidereal zodiac by default. Therefore, if one wants to use tropical zodiac with sidereal nakshatras, one needs to modify the settings for tropical zodiac. The 12 signs of the zodiac start with Aries and end with Pisces. But, regarding the starting reference point for Aries, two schools of thought exist — tropical and sidereal. The tropical school uses the movement of the Sun with respect to the Earth to define the zodiac, while the sidereal school uses nakshatras to define the zodiac.

    Therefore, to obtain the sidereal zodiac, this difference ayanamsa has to subtracted from the tropical zodiac. In other words, sidereal zodiac uses a specific ayanamsa value, while the tropical zodiac uses no ayanamsa or zero ayanamsa. But, not all astrology softwares provide this option. However, this software uses sidereal zodiac by default.