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is the Year of the Pig according to Chinese zodiac. This is a Year of Earth Pig, starting from the Chinese New Year on Feb. 5 and.

Since both of you enjoy playing and having fun, your passion will develop quickly and you will be a bright and cheerful match. Sagittarius is frank and love freedom but cannot stand being depressed; the Leo is open-minded and magnanimous without any burden, thus both of you will be in proper place. As long as you can know each other's temperament well, move together toward the common goal and turn a blind eye to each other's weakness, you will have a relaxed love relationship.

As time goes by, your relationship will be improved further, so you are an affectionate and brilliant match due to your similar personality. The Aries who is pushful and thrill-seeking is similar with Sagittarius since you are adventurous and fickle in affection. Both of you are also rather intellectual and need an intelligent, communicative partner. You are very companionable together and are likely to enjoy a very satisfying friendship in addition to whatever romantic attachment you have.

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Your emotional needs and temperaments are quite different, and this creates frustration for both of you, or at least discomfort at times. Cancer is inwardly tender and sympathetic, and has a great yearning for closeness, and a sense of belonging or security. A very sensitive and feeling person, Cancer can be quite moody. Sagittarius may try to intellectualize or philosophize Cancer out of feeling moody. But in either case, Cancer ends up feeling misunderstood or simply not accepted.

Also, Cancer has a strong concern with, and attachment to, the past, while Sagittarius is forward-looking and concerned more with the future. Cancer is domestic and needs a strong, secure home base, while Sagittarius yearns for the new and unfamiliar. Furthermore, Sagittarius is naturally quite candid, frank, and rather tactless. Much emotional harmony exists between you. Together you feel expansive and enterprising, and you enjoy games, sports, gambling, carousing, and life in general! Some differences may arise between you, though.

Sagittarius is more restless, more of a wanderer than Leo, who is more constant and steady emotionally. Sagittarius needs to feel free and cannot tolerate being completely domesticated or tethered to a possessive partner. Leo, on the other hand, is loyal and wholehearted in love, and wants the complete attention and devotion of a partner. For the most part, however, you suit one another very well!

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Best Matches For Sagittarius & The Chemistry Is On Fire

Virgo is practical, careful, discriminating, and somewhat conservative, while Sagittarius is idealistic, generous, looser, and more of a gambler. Where Virgo tends to play it safe or to follow a logical, well-defined, and secure path, Sagittarius is inclined to take risks and act on faith. Sagittarius is an optimist, while Virgo, though not exactly a pessimist, is certainly a realist. Virgo is precise, fastidious, and loves order, while Sagittarius can be careless and indifferent to the minute details that mean so much to Virgo. Virgo will stay on a budget, while Sagittarius finds it irksome if not impossible to do so!

Virgo is punctual; Sagittarius, often, is not. Sagittarius tends to exaggerate and promise more than is possible, while Virgo is sober, clear, and impartial, and also more diligent about carrying out promises. For the most part you get along very harmoniously. You are both idealistic and you prefer to see the good and noble and beautiful in life and in people even when that means ignoring the plain facts about a person! You are both open and tolerant, and you enjoy mixing with others, going out, and socializing.

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There are differences between you, though. Sagittarius is quite candid, often to the point of being blunt, though in a good-natured manner, while Libra is generally very diplomatic and gracious. Sagittarius has strong convictions and beliefs and expresses them very openly, while Libra may not take a strong stance to avoid offending someone. Also, Libra needs companionship and a lot of affection, and may feel insecure without a close partner. Sagittarius is more independent and sometimes enjoys going off on a solitary adventure.

You two are like night and day, emotionally speaking.

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Sagittarius is light, optimistic, and philosophical about life and emotional experiences, always expecting to bounce back and grow from a difficult time. Idealistic and forward-looking, Sagittarius tends to ignore or deny raw emotion and the dark, painful aspects of life. Scorpio, on the other hand, is an intensely, passionately emotional person who has little emotional distance or detachment. While Sagittarius is basically open, and confides and shares freely, Scorpio is very careful, even suspicious, and does not trust or open to just anyone.

Scorpio is inward and private and can be quite asocial at times, whereas Sagittarius loves to go out and socialize or participate with people. Scorpio tends to brood and often becomes dark and silent, and Sagittarius may try to jolly or lighten Scorpio up, which can be helpful sometimes but is just as often intrusive. Sagittarius wants sunny weather all the time, while Scorpio loves a storm. Also, Scorpio gets deeply attached to loved ones, and is very sensitive to any threat to the bond.

Sagittarius compatibility

Both are optimistic, full of energy, and take most things in their stride. They are likely to respect each other space as independence and having a sense of freedom is important to them. Both will be ambitious and will encourage each other in any endeavour they choose to pursue.

The only issue here is both will so busy chasing their dreams and reaching for their goals, they might forget to concentrate on the mundane aspects of life such as who will be doing the dishes. Sagittarius and Gemini: In some ways, these two are very different, but in other ways they are so alike.

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Both have a thirst for knowledge and will want to share what they learnt. Gemini is interested in the finer details such as, the who, what, where and why. Sagittarius is more concerned with just getting the gist of things. There will be lots of interesting conversation between them, and both are likely to be outgoing and open to most things. It is likely to be the battle of the minds with these two. Both are sharp and will make some harsh quick-witted comments.

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The good thing is both have a great sense of humour so there will be plenty of laughter between them too. Sagittarius and Aquarius: Like Gemini, there with be plenty of interesting conversations between these two. Aquarius will want their space and Sagittarius will respect that, wanting the same too. Much of their time may be spent doing their own thing, but once together, sparks will fly. They are both social creatures so will enjoy nights out, each time visiting a different place or city.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility: Sagittarius Sign Compatibility Guide!

Sagittarius has a love for travel and Aquarius will be more than happy to join the ride. As long as life is fun, fast and varied, these two are likely to be happy together.